24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

$15.00 monthly - Paid Annually

$20.00 monthly - Paid Quarterly

Our modern state of the art U.L and F.M. certified central station is locally owned & operated from Lynn, MA. Monitoring is done by trained, bonded professionals as part of an on-going commitment to service excellence. Communications Central, is a dedicated structure for the exclusive monitoring of security and environmental systems. The central station features state-of-the-art, fully automated dual network servers insuring quick access of dispatch and information retrieval We are proud to be listed by Underwriters Laboratories under the Protective Signaling Services classification Central Station (UUFX) S3856/Underwriters Laboratories Police Station Connected Mercantile BP6314 and approved by Factory Mutual Approval Services under Central Station Services.

AlarmNet Long Range Radio Network Monitoring
When an alarm system is activated, it alerts the central station over the phone lines. Phone lines are subject to many types of failure: Floods and storms Maintenance problems Vandalism and accidents Intentional line cuts These problems can effectively disrupt communications between a home and the central station. This means that the fire or burglary information might not be heard.

What Is It?
AlarmNet is a state-of-the-art cellular radio network that provides full communication between your home and the central station - instantly. The system is so sophisticated that the network actually monitors the transmitter in your home to make sure that it is working properly. So, regardless of phone line failure, your security and fire system continues to operate without missing a beat.

Do I Need To Replace My Current System?
No! The AlarmNet transmitter works in conjunction with your current system, and can be easily and quickly integrated. Because of this, the system is very affordable.