Security & Nanny Cams

Why use a nanny cam?
See who’s at the front or back door at any TV in the house or check on the baby in the baby’s bedroom or playroom.

We specialize in high quality, easy to install hidden camera surveillance systems at affordable prices. Covert hidden cameras can be used to insure peace of mind and the safety of your family and business. Prevent employee, housekeeper or roommate theft by using concealed video surveillance cameras.

Our miniature covert video cameras come hidden inside of clocks, smoke detectors, plants, radios, etc. Also available are covert wireless hidden camera systems which can be moved from room to room. All of our covert video surveillance systems come plug and play ready. Plug any of our hidden cameras into your VCR and you have a quality concealed video surveillance system. We offer professional grade hidden cameras and law enforcement grade hidden camera systems.

Now you can enjoy peace of mind while you are away from home, knowing that you can see how your Au Pair, babysitter or Nanny is treating your children, or for that matter, your elderly parents and relatives.

Our Nanny Cams permit you to videotape activities in your home through the use of a large variety of disguised video cameras - in either wireless versions or hardwired directly to your VCR.

Most popular of our disguised Nanny cams is the Clock Radio Video Camera. It's a working clock radio and the built in video camera is impossible to detect. The clock radio comes in a wireless version - transmits the picture directly to a receiver/VCR or a hardwired version - both ready to plug and play.

All of the items below are wireless, covert nanny cams: