Telephone Systems

Communique - First To The Future


Communiqué...the telephone system that simplifies your life.

Never miss a call... Never miss a call... ... or an opportunity. Call Forward your front door station to an outside number. Use the speakerphone to keep your hands free to take notes. Call an extension with the one-touch Intercom. Page that hard to reach person. With up to 8 lines and 24 extensions, Communiqué grows with your needs.

Get the message... Get the message... ... from your Message Centre mailbox. Add voice mail and Communiqué becomes a communications centre for your family or business. Every voice mailbox has its own greeting and PIN protection. It's everything your family and business needs to stay in touch, even when you're on vacation.

See who's calling... See who's calling... ... before you answer, with Caller ID. Select your favourite radio station for music on hold. Change the alarm clock settings to let you sleep in on weekends. Set the Auto Attendant to route your calls to your extension. Follow the directions on the display or listen to the voice prompts and simplify your life.

Listen to that noise... Listen to that noise... ... downstairs with Room Monitor feature. Add an electric lock and open the door with your remote control. With Night Sentry your telephones won't ring, but Message Centre will answer all your calls. Let the Communiqué security and privacy features help you take control.

Answer the front door... Answer the front door... ... from your backyard. Turn on the house lights from your car. Adjust the thermostat from your office. With Communiqué and a DSC security system, you can control your home automation devices from any touch-tone telephone, even your cellphone.

Activate your security system... Activate your security system... ... from your cellphone. Connect your Communiqué and a DSC security system and any touch-tone phone becomes a security system keypad. No matter where you are, you'll always know your home or business is secure and protected.

Just some of the features you'll find in Communiqué...

  • Use the large backlit LCD Display to review system status at a glance or to guide you through the programming options using visual prompts and directions.
  • Press the Security and Automation keys for one touch access to all security and home automation features.
  • Press and hold the Fire, Auxiliary or Panic keys for 2 seconds to send an alert to your security monitoring station.
  • Press the HandsFree key to activate the Speakerphone for handsfree dialing and clear, handsfree conversations.
  • Press the PGM (Program) key to "Flash" to your Call Waiting call or to enter system and extension programming.
  • Press a Line (1-8) key to access an outside line.
  • Press a Station (10-33) key to call that extension or to activate a programmed set of home automation or security commands.
  • Use the Volume keys to adjust the handset or speakerphone volume, scroll through the information shown on the display, or to adjust the display contrast.
  • Use the Feature keys to place a call on Hold, broadcast an All Page, make Conference calls or place your extension in Do Not Disturb mode.
  • Press the Message Centre key for one touch access to your voice mailbox.
  • Press the Redial key to automatically redial the last number called.
  • Press the Speed Dial key to automatically dial frequently called numbers stored in the system and your extention's speed dial memory.
  • Press the Call Forward key to forward your calls to another extension or a door station to an external number.
  • Press the Room Monitor key to listen to activity in another room through another phone or intercom station.

Communique - First To The Future