Satellite Systems


Launched in the summer of 1994, DirecTV has become America's top digital television service! DirecTV leads the pack by offering access to more than 210 digital-quality channels. All with picture and sound so sharp and clear you'll find it hard to believe that you're watching the same TV set.

The DirecTV System consists of a small 18-inch satellite dish (which is really just an antenna for receiving a satellite broadcast signal); a digital integrated receiver/decoder (IRD), which separates each channel, and decompresses and translates the digital signal so a television can show it; and a remote control.



At up to 400 kilobits per second, you may never see anything faster than DirecPC! That's over 14 times faster than a typical 28.8 modem, eight times faster than a 56K modem, and more than three times faster than a dedicated ISDN line. And that's just our Turbo Internet service. Turbo Webcast and Turbo Newscast (available FREE with your paid subscription to any Turbo Internet service package) automatically deliver your choice of the hottest Web sites and Usenet newsgroups straight to your hard drive by satellite, so you can browse them off-line at your convenience -- instantaneously. Now that's fast!


Television Antennas

To receive local channels, you will require the use of a UHF/VHF antenna. At Startec-Communications, we recomment the Channel Master Model 3000A SMARTenna (Suburban/Metropolitan Area Reception Television). This antenna represents the continued advancement of quality television reception equipment that customers have come to expect from Channel Master.

A unique feature of the SMARTenna television antenna is versatility. The antenna provides excellent reception of UHF and VHF television channels when mounted on roofs, walls, chimneys, and even inside attics. With an optional power supply, SMARTenna can also be mounted on boats and recreational vehicles for viewing television when away from home.

The SMARTenna Television Antenna's modern and compact radome housing is esthetically designed to complement any decor. The convenient omnidirectional characteristics of SMARTenna allow reception of stations from different directions, eliminating the use of an antenna rotator system. Range is 30-45 miles, depending on surrounding terrain and power output of transmitting signal.

The SMARTenna Model 3000A is equipped with an internal UHF/VHF amplifier with a built-in FM trap. This allows better reception in weak signal locations and boosts the signal from the antenna even when split to several television sets.

Each antenna kit is equipped with everything you need to install on a mast. SMARTenna accepts up to 1-1/2" O.D. masting (mast and cable not included.) A band separator is included for TV sets that have both 75 ohm VHF and 300 ohm UHF input jacks. A C-UL and UL approved AC power supply and injector are included.