Wholehouse Sound Systems

Custom Installed Sound Systems

Startec-Communications carries systems from two suppliers: Niles and Russound. Niles, which provides multi-zone whole house music systems allow you to distribute music to different locations in and around your home from one audio source. Russound provides a mult-zone four source system that allows you to distribute music to different locations in and aroudn your home but also allows you to use multiple audio sources - for example, you could listen to the CD from the kitchen, while someone on the deck could listen to the FM radio.

Startec-Communications uses skilled professionals who design and install audio/video and other related systems in residential and commercial spaces. These systems differ from what you would buy in a retail store in that they are engineered to not only meet and fulfill the needs of the client, but to optimize performance while complementing the physical and aesthetic demands of the space - hence the term "custom". These systems can be configured to accommodate security, telephone, and other home systems while providing a user-friendly interface for the customer.

Niles Audio
At Startec-Communications we use Niles Audio, the finest manufacturer of custom-installed sound system components. Using the IntelliPad, a wall-mount programmable IR keypad that delivers true one-button control for your custom-installed sound system. Its award-winning and revolutionary Power Status Feedback and Synchronization Technology displays the power status of the main system amplifier and enables the flawless execution of a sequence of IR containing up to ten commands. The IntelliPad initiates IR commands from a remote location and route the signals to the IR Main System Unit.

  • Wall-mount IR learning keypad offers true one-button control of complex A/V systems
  • Includes Niles award-winning power status synchronization and display technology
  • Power handling: 200 watts per channel
  • Bi-color status LED tells you whether your system is On or Off, and if the speakers are muted
  • Mute key engages an internal relay which turns the
  • local speakers On and Off
  • Source select keys choose the equipment you want to control
  • The power key turns the system On or Off, just as if you were pressing the power switch on your preamp/receiver
  • Volume control keys adjust the volume of your preamp/receiver
  • Function keys operate independently for each source selected enabling you to control virtually every aspect
  • of your system
  • Any key can be programmed to initiate a sequence of
  • up to ten IR commands
  • Concealed behind the faceplate, programming buttons and LEDs provide for quick and easy programming
  • Includes backlit source identification labels, choose from over 150 names
  • Includes both white and bone removable Decora-style color inserts
  • Compatible with virtually all brands of remotes using carrier frequencies of 23 to 107kHz
  • FCC certified: class B certified for use in residential environments
  • Requires 2-gang P-ring or electrical box at least
  • 2-3/4" deep
  • Dimensions: 3-5/8" wide x 2-5/8" high,
  • depth behind plate: 2-1/2"
  • Approximate shipping weight: 2 lbs.
  • Power status feedback & Flashback LED indicator

  • Download the IntelliPad Brochure in Adobe PDF Format
  • Download the Outdoor Spearkers Brochure in Adobe PDF Format


    Russound's CA6.4 is an easy-to-install and operate integrated distribution amplifier capable of playing up to four different sources independently to as many as six rooms. Each zone amplifier is controlled from a simple and elegant keypad and can select and operate one of four source components. The in-wall keypad's four green LEDs provide visual confirmation of the selected source. A red LED confirms an IR command from the hand-held remote.

    Using a source remote, the built-in IR sensor allows total control of most products. Each keypad can control the source input, room volume, on /off, and receive IR source commands. Another feature to gain further flexibility is adding the CA LRN. This optional piece stores IR commands and provides remote activation of virtually any IR-controlled device connected to the system. Simple-to-connect, and with no additional wiring, the CA LRN easily adds convenience to a new or existing system.

    Simple programming stores most equipment source IR commands in the CA LRN's control layers. Up to 48 different IR commands can be easily programmed into its 4 control layers, and the CA LRN can execute those commands and operate as many as 4 source components via its 12 command keys.


    • 6 individual stereo preamplifiers / amplifiers operating 6 rooms (zones) independently
    • 4 audio source inputs for connecting your CD, TAPE, TUNER, AUX or use provided labels to choose customize music genres and equipment choices
    • simple operation from an easy to use keypad controller
    • operate your equipment from any keypad using your source remote
    • visual conformation of the IR signal on the keypad
    • zone on / off indicators on the front panel
    • 12 channels of High Current amplification @ 20 Watts RMS / channel, 8 ohms
    • expansion to 12 zones (2 CA6.4's) via IR link