Structured Wiring

Structured wiring.. Introducing the future of home wiring…..TODAY.

Technology has led to the reinvention of home wiring. Home computers, Home Offices, cable and satellite TV, and other new digital equipment create a demand for increased bandwidth….

And customers interest in the new residential wiring networks is rapidly growing. Current in home wiring networks may be inadequate to accept high speed digital data, an important element of the many new information and communication technologies.

Our wiring systems use high-capacity data cables connected to special outlets that can be installed room to room in both new and existing homes. This state of the art network is designed to meet the demands of today’s And tomorrow’s digital technology.

Today's Modern Home Wiring
Three Major Components:

  • Central Hub (also called Service Center) - central point accepts incoming services and distributes services throughout the home.
  • High Performance Cabling - Category 5 telecommunications cable and RG6 Quad Shield coaxial video cable provide the "highway" for information to travel.
  • High Quality Outlets - specifically designed to support advanced information services, outlets are the "off-ramp" to your computers, TVs and telephones.